BMW Self-Parking Car System Video
So what's the difference between this auto parking system and various others that have been previewed the past few years like the Toyota Prius one? Well, BMW's doesn't kneed the driver to be in the car.
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Audi A8 L merges muscle and amenities
You know you're in a luxury car when the heated, massaging, leather-upholstered driver's seat feels so soothing that you don't want to exit the passenger compartment even after you have reached your ...
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Bosch Jobsite Stereo CD 179.99
Bosch Power Box More than MusicA serious jobsite radio that charges batteries & gives you extra outletsCD player with anti skip technology & MP3 and CD R/RW compatible
Bosch claims its weatherproof Power Box radio is durable enough for a construction site, so we threw it across Boschs Booth at a recent tradeshow. Not only did it survive, the CD didnt even skip. This isnt the first job site radio but its the first to really impress us. Why? A steel and rubber frame protects the ruggedized shell, which houses four ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected outlets for power tools. The outlets cut power if water leaks in, so you wont get fried. Theres also a slot in the back to charge the batteries for your cordless power tools; when you find yourself away from an outlet the radio can run off those same batteries. The radio also includes a mini plug input for your MP3 player and a 12V DC outlet to recharge your cell phone. Quick word to the wise: if you plan to replicate our drop and roll test, we suggest unplugging all those accessories first!
Jenny Everett (Popular Science 2004)
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Canvas Tool Bag 22.25
Canvas Tool Bag
Features & Benefits:
Big enough to hold and keep all your necessary tools.
Internal metal frame holds bag wide open.
10 Outside pockets to organizes tools.
14 Inside pockets for accessories.
Built of rugged 20oz. canvas material with hard bottom for better stability.
12 inch Long x 10 inch Wide x 11 inch Height
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Stainless Steel Tool Box 44.95
20 inch Stainless Steel
Tool Box with recessed comfort handle.
Heavy duty box with removable inner tray
and strong double latch with padlock eyehole.
(tools not included).
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